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ZB-168 is a fully human, anti-IL7Rα monoclonal antibody with best-in-class potential.

ZB-168 potently inhibits two critical immune pathways: IL7 and TSLP

Zura Bio holds an exclusive worldwide license for the development and commercialization of ZB-168 in all indications.

It is the only anti-IL7Rα program to date with clinical data showing impact on key T-cell subpopulations, underscoring its potential applicability in a broad range of T-cell mediated diseases and atopic diseases.


IL7 and TLSP pathways

IL7Rα: A unique target for modulating two key immune pathways

IL7 is a critical modulator of T-cell homeostasis,
proliferation, and survival

Inhibition of IL7Rα promotes a normalisation in
Treg:TeffectorT-cell ratios

Polymorphism in IL7Rα associated with multiple disease states, including T1DM, MS, UC, Sarcoidosis PBC and AA

Is a regulator of Th2 immune response

Is involved in immunity at barrier surfaces
(skin, airways, gut)

Is clinically validated for the treatment of
severe asthma

Is under clinical investigation in CSU, COPD,
and chronic rhinosinusitis


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